Modern dentistry in Munich - paired with decades of experience

We asked ourselves: "What is actually special about our practice?"

In our dental practice in Munich, we treat Waldtrudering every day with respect for our patients, joy and motivation. We combine proven and recognized treatment methods with new procedures and materials from the field of modern dentistry.

A visit to the dentist is a matter of trust! That's why we don't have to constantly change therapists.

That's why you always have the same therapist with us (except in emergencies). With us you do not have to adjust to a new dentist again and again - as is usual in some clinics.

Regular visits to further training courses enable us to offer you the best possible individual dental treatment. Our aim is always to offer an all-encompassing treatment. In most cases we can guarantee that you do not have to leave the practice. Even if it gets a bit more complex or difficult, we carry out complicated tooth extractions or tricky procedures such as bone augmentation before inserting a dental implant directly in our practice. Only in extremely difficult cases do we fall back on an experienced network of surgeons and anesthesiologists

Special services in our range of services

Our practice also offers a wide range of modern general dental treatment:

  • Pediatric dentistry / children's treatment
  • tooth preservation (high-quality filling therapy)
  • geriatric dentistry
  • home visits
  • dental sleep medicine / snoring therapy
  • therapy for temporomandibular joint disorders
  • amalgam-free treatment