With us, the dental technician does not have to come to the practice.

He is already there...

Our dental practice in Munich Trudering attaches great importance to an optimal interlocking of the interface between dentist and dental technician. While most dental practices have the dental technology made in a so-called "external laboratory" - i.e. an external dental laboratory - we have our own dental technician.

Mr. Alfred Hess is a master dental technician and has been working as a dental technician for 25 years. This means that he has many years of experience in the production of dental prostheses.

Closeness to the patient, shorter reaction times

The shade selection can be made directly at the treatment chair in our practice. This not only saves trips for our patients to a dental laboratory, but the dental technician gets to know the patients himself. This allows him to get a first-hand impression of the people for whom he is making dentures.

When the dentures are fitted, he is only a few meters away and can immediately check whether the dentures meet the patient's wishes in the best possible way.

If repairs to existing dentures are necessary, there is no need to transport them to an external dental laboratory - so we can react immediately and save precious time.