Correction of malocclusions with invisible splints in our practice in Munich Trudering.

In our dental practice in Munich Trudering we can correct misaligned teeth. Especially in adulthood, however, it is often undesirable for aesthetic reasons to wear "fixed braces" where the wire and brackets can be seen from afar.

Modern dentistry now offers very elegant solutions for this: A wafer-thin, transparent plastic splint is clipped onto the teeth. This is almost invisible and moves the teeth (like braces). These splints - or "aligners" - are replaced with new splints every 14 days until the teeth have been moved into the correct position after several weeks.

These splints are planned in advance on the computer and the tooth movement is simulated.

In this way, the desire for optimal aesthetics with the wearing of "invisible braces" can also be realized for adults. Because of the transparency, hardly anyone notices that you are correcting the position of your teeth. You can smile perfectly - even during the treatment.